Fashion, the leading sector of e-commerce in Spain

The fashion sector has revealed itself as the true sales leader in online commerce during the year 2021, and it seems that this trend will remain firm during this 2016.In fact, the major textile brands are optimistic about this, predicting an increase in sales figures over the next 12 months.the growth of the online fashion sector at a national and international level A recent study by Vente-privee states that 47e fashion brands will devote more effort to physical sales than to ecommerce in 2016.However, the 22e they will make its main commitment to the online sector and try to make it their main source of profit in order to take advantage of the opportunities that the Internet is providing. If we add to this the figures of exports, we obtain that, during that year, more than 52 million euros were invoiced. In general, this amount does not only cover clothes, but also accessories and complements, being the sunglasses the real protagonists in this sense. However, foreign fashion companies have quite an advantage over Spanish ones, so it is deductible that there is still quite a lot of work to do.

The adaptation of fashion brands to the mobile environment For its part, online mobile commerce, also known as m-commerce, is also gaining importance by leaps and bounds in Spain, a circumstance that is trying to take advantage of the big brands in the fashion sector. The best evidence of this is that their physical establishments are perfectly adapted to motivate users to make their purchases over the Internet in media other than the traditional desktop or laptop. In short, everything is optimistic in the online fashion sector for this 2016.Considering the unstoppable rise in sales and profits that has been experienced in recent years, everything seems to indicate that this may be the area of work that supports ecommerce in many countries. In the case of Spain, despite being a little behind, it is gradually recovering the lost ground.