How to Boost your Business with Instagram

When it comes to boosting your business, Instagram is a great platform to use. This visual social media app has over a billion users and has more visitors than both its main rivals, Twitter and Facebook. Before you start, also make sure you are signed up to use Instagram's business account settings which will enable you to create targeted business content. Here are a couple of ideas to expand your business's profile and make the most of Instagram.

Be Creative with Your Posts

When it comes to Instagram, creativity is key.

As this is a predominantly visual platform, it is important for users to keep in mind that audience's will be looking first and foremost for products and solutions that make a visual impact. If your business is product based, this can be fairly straightforward as you can use Instagram's grid to celebrate your product in unique and different ways. However, if you are a service-based industry, you will need to be even more creative. Try utilising Insta-stories or Boomerangs to give your audience a behind the scenes look as to what they can expect from your business and don't be afraid to directly connect with your consumer and invite them to share their own experiences with your business too.

Collaborating with other users, businesses and influencers can be a fantastic way to reach out to a wider audience and give your business added credibility within your industry. Using the '@mention' tag is the perfect way to connect with others and together create a more diverse and unique platform on social media. Once you have connected with an audience, be sure to keep them interested and feeling special by adding previews of upcoming events and content, such as aforementioned collaborations.

Use Hashtags and Captions to Connect

One of the most important aspects of a social media platform such as Instagram is the opportunity for audience engagement. Yes, Instagram is primarily visual but that doesn't mean you should ignore the text side of it completely.

Hashtags are a great way to get your business trending and are also a fantastic way to expand your reach beyond what may be your existing consumer base. Make sure your company has their own hashtag and then add a couple more that are specifically relevant to each post. Although Instagram does allow up to thirty different hashtags per post, it is best to use them sparingly in order to make sure you are targeting your specific market. Another great way to make use of Instagram to boost your business is by using short Instagram captions, which help give users an immediate sense of what your business is about and what they can expect from your service or product.

Instagram also gives business users the ability to schedule posts along with their 'first comment' feature, which can be a great way to set up a specific hashtag for a specific post, ideal for capturing audience engagement whilst at the same time not drawing all the attention away from the post itself.